Working Titles


Working Titles is an ongoing series of monthly gatherings for makers, producers, visionaries, and collaborators to entrust their budding projects, faint ideas, and forgotten ventures to an open and supportive community.

Working Titles takes place once a month in both New York City and Los Angeles!

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple actually! First, RSVP with us so we know you’re coming. Then, if you plan on sharing a “working title”, bring it with you. At the start, Oscar leads everyone in an opening exercise to get us all focused and ready for the work ahead. Irene goes over the guidelines and we begin sharing. After a “working title” is shared, the maker is encouraged to participate in a short feedback session. We use the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process with a twist as our method of feedback to ensure that the maker only receives feedback that is helpful to their creative process.

What defines a Working Title?

Absolutely anything that you are crafting, molding, shaping and creating. This can range from an idea to a fully realized work in any possible medium.

What is the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process?

A four-step feedback process, from which we use the first three steps:

1. Responders state what was meaningful, evocative, interesting, exciting, and/or striking in the work they have just witnessed.

2. The maker asks questions about the work. In answering, responders stay on topic with the question and may express opinions in direct response to the artist’s questions.

3. Responders ask neutral questions about the work, and the maker responds. Questions are neutral when they do not have an opinion couched in them.

And our twist:

4. The maker states what phase in the creative process they think they are currently in and what their goal is for next time.