The Mission

The shift from muse to making   


Make/Shift fosters makers in the process of poiesis: the shift from muse to making.  

Founded in 2018 by Oscar Klausner and Irene Lazaridis, Make/Shift is a playground for makers. We believe in giving space to the creative process, to allow makers to experiment, and to shift their perspective from what making is to what it can be.

Make/Shift began in 2016 with Working Titles, a monthly gathering of makers to share and develop work. In the last year, Make/Shift has expanded to include Spotlight Series, an event that features the developing work of a Working Titles member, Summer Jam Sessions, a monthly summer rooftop art party, and Shop Productions, which provides makers with the next step in their creative process—the opportunity to put their work up in a workshop setting.


Summer Jam Session, 2018

Summer Jam Session, 2018