A playground for makers.


Poiesis: “the activity in which a person brings something into being that did not exist before; to make”


Working Titles

An ongoing series of monthly gatherings for makers, producers, visionaries, and collaborators to entrust their budding projects, faint ideas, and forgotten ventures to an open and supportive community

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Spotlight Series

A showcase that features the developing work of one maker and serves as encouragement for them to culminate their work thus far into as cohesive a piece as possible.

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Shop Productions

A workshop production that takes a maker into the next phase of development. This transition could take on many forms: a staged reading of a play shifting into a full-on production, a casual concert into a recorded EP, or a reading of a screenplay becoming a finished short film.

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Summer Jam Sessions

Summer Jam Sessions is an opportunity to deepen our community and maintain support for our makers while taking a break from the focused structure of our Working Titles gatherings. Throughout the summer, we gather on a beautiful rooftop for food, drinks, congregation and co-creation.

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SHE Creates

Curated by  Lizzy Jarrett, SHE Creates is an all inclusive celebration of womanhood and gender non-conformity featuring dozens of female and genderqueer identifying artists and their work during Women’s History Month. These works include writing (film, theatre, narrative, poetry), performance art, visual art, video, movement, music, and comedy etc.

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Giving space to the creative process.

No matter the season, no matter the time. Make/Shift always makes sure to provide space and time for ideas to slowly turn into creations. 

Join us at any of our events and become a part of the Make/Shift community.


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Make/Shift is dedicated to fostering a community of makers by giving them the space and support necessary for the creative process. In doing so, we hope to shift our perspective of what making can mean. 

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